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    Older HDtv without HDMI port

    I'm having a real challenge setting up my chromecast, as my 2002 TV doesn't have an HDMI port. However, I do have a DirecTV receiver hooked up. I plugged into that HDMI port, but can't find the setup on the TV.

    Can anyone help me with this?


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    As far as I know, any DirecTV HD receiver with HDMI port only has HDMI output, not input so plugging the Chromecast into a DirecTV HDMI port won't accomplish anything. If your HDTV has DVI input and you also have an AVR with HDMI input/output, you could connect the Chromecast to the AVR and use an HDMI>DVI cable to connect the AVR to the HDTV. If the display only has component video input, an HDMI to component video/composite audio converter might work but I sure wouldn't mess with that to use Chromecast.

    You might want to hold on to the Chromecast until you have an HDTV that it is designed to work with.
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    An HDFury would work.

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    You need a HDMI TV or Monitor. DVI with a HDMI adapter would work for passing thru the video but DVI has no audio support. If you already own a HDMI supported receiver then plug the dongle into the receiver before running the signal to your TV to get better quality sound then use the HDMI-DVI adapter.

    On my desk setup I just upgraded my monitor to one that supports HDMI and one that has an 3.5 headphone jack output so I don't have to use crappy internal speakers to play the sound from.



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