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    Logitech Revue Hardware

    The opening of the cover and working in your box will void all waranties!!

    This page will be dedicated to the hardware specifications, descriptions, and information related to the Logitech Revue.

    The Revue was initially released October 21st 2010 (with official availability on the 25th) in the United States. The Revue was released initially as a pass-through device meant to augment your initial set top box connection to your display device. For customers using the "DISH Network" Satellite subscription television service, integration was available that allowed the Revue to communicate directly with the satellite receiver/set top box. For all other devices, an IR blaster was used to simulate remote control commands as a means to communicate between the Revue and the STB hardware.


    Intel Atom CE4150 1.2 GHz processor, with a 400 MHz GPU
    Gigabyte GA-SBKAN2 motherboard
    Samsung K9F8G08U0M 1 GB NAND Flash (Single Level Cell) Datasheet Mirror
    Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR 4 GB NAND Flash (Multiple Level Cell) Datasheet
    Silicon Image Sil9135 HDMI 1.3 Receiver Chip Information Datasheet from TI
    Nanya NT5CB128M8CN-CG 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 Gb X 8) Datasheet
    Realtek Semiconductor RTL8201N 10/100M PHYceiver Datasheet
    Microchip PIC24FJ64GA004-I/PT 16-bit microcontroller Datasheet
    Phison S2251-50 USB to Flash Controller (Datasheet not available to end users according to manufacture)

    IDT ICS9LPRS525AGLF Clock for CPU Datasheet
    The Logitech Revue was recently torndown and had its inners revealed. Direct link to the higher resolution picture of the motherboard.

    SemiAccurate has a populated board similar to the one in the Revue:

    SemiAccurate :: Gigabyte has Google TV ready motherboard


    Samsung K9F8G08U0M 1 GB NAND Flash
    Used for storage of bootloader, kernel, boot flash graphics, Linux OS etc..
    Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR 4 GB NAND Flash (Long Term Storage)

    Used for persistent storage, device is /dev/sda - possible to override with an external USB drive

    Microchip PIC24FJ64GA004-I/PT 16-bit microcontroller
    Used to handle IR input/output for remotes/IR blasters and possible interface with wireless keyboard

    System reboot/powerdown
    Possibly HDMI CEC
    Silicon Image Sil9135 HDMI 1.3 Receiver
    Used to process video to and from HDMI ports as well as audio over HDMI and SPDIF
    Supports DTS even though the Revue does not (An update can probably enable this feature)

    IDT ICS9LPRS525AGLF Clock for CPU
    Provides a clock for the Intel Atom CPU

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    Cool, she's a powerful piece of equipment no doubt!

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    I'm just wondering if the slow loading of web pages can be corrected in a meaningful way with a software/system update - or in your opinion will faster loading web pages require a more powerful processor? Any thoughts about this? I'm on the Logitech Revue.

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    That's a question I have wondered my self.
    I do not have an answer as of yet, but I will try to check into that, because it is so popular of a question, I have not seen a positive answer on that yet....
    Logitech Revue
    Direct HR24-500 Beta Tester
    Samsung UN 46 C 9000 3-D
    ADC Member And Apple Beta Tester



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