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    Sony Internet TV + DirecTV

    Hi everyone!

    I am new, and this is my first posting.

    I wanted to describe a scenario, and see if anyone could help me through it.

    I am interested in buying a Sony Google TV. I currently have a Wireless Router and DirecTV.

    My DirecTV box is a basic box. I don't subscribe to any HD services, nor will I have a DVR connected to the PLANNED Sony Google TV I want to buy (I have a DVR - non HD - connected to another TV- a plasma EDTV in the house).

    Will having this scenario work - with having everything else (besides the HD receiver) necessary for enjoying Google TV? I don't necessarily have to have the DirecTV connected at the same time as the Google TV components, do I? I am not familiar with the hookups and connections on the TV, so I thought I would ask here.

    The box I have with DirecTV is a basic box - non HD - D12-300

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I am new to the whole idea of Google TV, so pardon my weird questions

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    If you mean the actual Sony television set, I was able to hook up my dish network SD DVR box to my Sony Google Television set using either a composite hookup with the yellow,red,white cables or via Coaxial cable and both ways worked. If your using the actual sony television set then you should be able to use component or coaxial hook up if your direct tv box will allow such a thing.

    Not sure with something other then the actual tv as I have no experience on how they can be hooked up. My sony tv model is in my signature in case you want to google it.
    32" Sony LED GTV - NSX-32GT1
    Using PlayOn to stream my media
    WDTV Live Plus via HDMI1
    Dish DUODVR 625 via Component
    Over The Air Antenna via the Cable In
    Connected via ethernet to Netgear WNR3500L

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    Hi I am also new to the forum, and just got a Sony 24" Google TV yesterday. I too have DirecTV and the receiver in my bedroom is a standard, non-HD one. I hooked it up yesterday using the coaxial cable that I was using with my previous TV and was able to get it working with no problems. Hope this helps!



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